The Bubble Soccer Game

In this version, the two ends of the knockerball are open to allow for free breathing. And for safety, players need to ensure that they fasten the straps. The game usually starts off with players at each end of a standard 5v5 size field. They run towards the soccer ball placed at the center. After a goal has been scored, the process starts once again. Due to the great workout associated with bumping, bouncing and bashing, normally the game lasts within 5-10 minutes.

Where Can I Play The Knockerball?

The knocker ball sports game is a 5v5 game. This therefore means that a standard play area that fits 5v5 games should be sought. Look for a play area that’s approximately the 50-inch by 80-inch (basketball court size) with sizes smaller than this also applicable for the smaller versions of the game. Some of the surfaces that are fit for the game include:

· Indoor basketball courts

· Carpeted surfaces

· Grassy grounds

· Indoor or outdoor turfs.

The knockerball game is not only interesting to explore but is one of the great workouts that come with lots of fun.

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