The knocker ball game is one exiting sport for all ages but unfortunately not very widely played. If you are a lover of sport, this is one game you ought to try. The knocker ball or Zorb ball or Bubble football ball is a big inflatable ball that covers a player strapped in it from slightly above the head to the knees.
Knocker Ball Games

The ball is light so the player strapped inside it is able to run, jump, roll, flip, knock each other without being hurt and above all play other games too like Last man standing, Knock bowing, Red rover, Knocker sumo and anything else. It is fun with a lot of great memories as you watch or bump into one another without being hurt. It is a sport for all ages but safety comes first. There are separate balls for adults and children but for one to move alone, you have to be at least of height 48 or taller. While inside the knocker ball, you can enjoy all the fun and safety as you knock your colleagues and roll all over without being hurt.

Where to play Knocker ball

Knocker ball is both an indoor and outdoor facility which requires quite a lot of space to jump and run around. If you have nowhere to play it, you can hire a space for an event or party. There are several play grounds like Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Chicago that is if you are in the U.S. It is a tiresome game and best played in teams with player substitutions. It is also a great sport for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, team building, church groups, fund raising, and just for fun.

Where to buy knocker-ball

There are two types of balls, the knocker ball TPU and Knocker ball PVC. You can get your own from the knocker ball selling websites or Ebay and Amazon. They aren’t expensive, check it out.


Knocker ball is a very exciting game. If you want a try it for the first time, you will get all the assistance you need from an experienced trainer. But if you know how, you still have to follow the rule…stay alert and look around you. Come on…let’s have fun.

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