Have you ever wanted to knock your friends down in a fit of anger? How about doing an old-fashioned bashing, only very playfully? Buy Knocker Balls and you will be in a good surprise because this wonderfully innovative toy allows you to literally “knock” around people without getting hurt!

A Knocker Ball is essentially a giant plastic bubble ball which a user can slide into, strap up and bounce around. Developed in Europe, the craze of Knocker Balls is rapidly spreading all over the world with many leagues popping up across the United States and even Canada. People have developed various games and sports such as “KnockerSoccer” or “Kill the Boss” which offer unique adrenaline pumping ways to experience this contact sport.

KnockerSoccer is good old soccer with two opposing teams scoring goals to win a match. The only difference is that each player has a Knocker Ball strapped on and a soccer match transforms into all-out American football with players charging into each other, bouncing around on the field! To onlookers, this usually looks like a slow, weird phenomenon with several large alien-looking balls, crawling and bumping into each other. However, for participants, a Knocker Ball offers quite an intense experience.

These days, you can easily buy a knocker ball online with many companies offering easy delivery and tons of customization options. You can even get your own logo printed on it, get customized uniforms for you own league and do lots more to enjoy the full sporting experience.

The daily rigors of a busy lifestyle can leave you with unwanted stress and confusion. Some people hit the gym, some enjoy running while others prefer boxing a punching bag. Knocker ball can you be newest hobby because it offers a great workout and a lot of fun at the same time!

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