The Knocker ball sports game; fun and laughter all the way

Are you yearning for a game where you can run knocking out your friends, being knocked too until you roll on the ground without getting hurt? That is exactly what the knocker ball sports game is. How it works is that a player is strapped inside a large air ball that covers the knees to above the head. The player holds on to the handles in the ball as runs to bump the other players. The legs are however free to run, flip, roll and knock other players.


In addition, Knocker ball sports games is one of those rare games that exercises virtually every part of your body from your legs as you run after your friends, your back muscles as you flip upside down and carry the ball on your shoulders and of course your heart due to the uncontrollable laughter.

Most importantly, unlike most games where you leave the playground with knee injuries, bruises and fractures, the knocker ball sports game is safe for you and your friends because it protects the most part of your body. It is simply a game that you have so much fun without getting hurt; you can knock your friends down even those you consider stronger.

With knocker balls, you and your friends can play several kinds of games from King of The Hill to Knocker sumo to Red Rover and any other game you might create. Such games may be played when you and your friends are holding a birthday parts or you could incorporate it during your company’s team building event.

Knocker ball games are ideal for both adults and children. Our knocker ball website stock balls of various sizes to suit the various heights of all your friends and family members. Moreover, we provide rental services for our knocker balls. We will not only deliver them to your preferred location but also inflate them for you.

This fun is in Europe and most recently in U.S but of course, it should move all over the world. Everyone needs to experience this fun!

For all your family friends and friends who do not love playing, just invite them to watch you and other players play. They too will have so much fun laughing as they enjoy all the knocking, rolling and flipping. The laughter is undoubtedly good for their heart!


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