Buy Knocker-ball: Jsut For Fun And For Safe

If you are thinking to have some activity which not only results in countless memories, laughs and fun but also gives you physical fitness, go for knocker ball. It is the funniest and safest sport for all the ages that is tangling the nation. To play this, you just have to be inside a large, round and inflatable chamber of air that will protect you from head to knees, leaving your legs out and free to run. You can defy gravity, flip, jump, run and roll indestructibly now. You can also bump and hit your friend & family without hurting them; what’s better feeling than that! it will definitely leave you full of joy. There are a lot of other games that can be played using a Knocker-ball like Red Rover, Knocker Bowling, King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, Musical Knockers or anything else that you can create for your excitement.

You can get a unique experience of playing this game in family gatherings, birthday parties, fairs & Festivals, graduation parties and corporate events or just in a Saturday evening; many indoor and outdoor facility rentals are there to offer their services to you in this regard. You can get Knockerballs on rent on hourly basis in large & medium sizes and in as much numbers as you want. Most rentals offer the packs of 6, 8,10,12,16 and 20 knockerballs along with coordinator, setup and nets.
But if you want to own a Knockerball permanently, you can buy it in about 250$ per ball excluding the shipping charge. Some promotions are also there; where you buy more, get cheaper. After being owner of a Knockerball; in start, you will have to follow the instructions for setting it up, given by your coordinator.
There are some warnings, in case of some specific medical conditions; those who suffer them should get a medical clearance before using Knockerball.

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